Video includes raw motion capture into Unreal Engine 5

Bespoke motion capture with skilled performers

Performit Live is a motion capture app that connects animators with skilled performers wearing an advanced motion capture system. It makes motion capture affordable, leaving you free to realise your vision at a fraction of the cost.

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Take control of your motion capture with Performit Live

Most animators are held back by the cost of motion capture production. Performit Live makes motion capture with professional performers affordable, leaving you free to realise your vision at a fraction of the cost.
  • Remotely direct and download your animation in minutes
  • Royalty-free licensing
  • Immediate, affordable access to professional performers
  • Real-time capture and review
  • Only pay for the talent’s time that you need
  • Environmentally friendly production

Unlock Bespoke Motion Capture

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1. Download

Download Performit Live from the Apple App Store.

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2. Book

Book the perfect performer at a time that works for you.

Director using performit live.

3. Capture

Direct, capture and download your live performance.

We understand how difficult it is to deliver authentic animation on time and on budget.
That’s why we created Peformit Live.


Hours saved vs. traditional mocap


Motion capture rate


Just $36 for 20 minutes of motion capture

Join the future of motion capture today

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“With live rehearsal, we successfully recorded all three planned dances within 45 minutes, including an additional one decided during the connection with Corinne. The solution instantly delivered high-quality captures, reminiscent of past optical mocap shoots, via the app, making it incredibly convenient to direct a mocap shoot from a meeting room setting.”
George Rowe,
Senior Producer at Aardman Animation
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Super easy to book and organise, all worked straight out the box, having real-time controls to see the motion from every angle was phenomenal and would have saved a lot of time. Crucially we didn’t have to rent a studio, any kit, or any additional hardware. So we were blown away with how much we could do for such an affordable price.”
Simon Thompson,
Founder of Trickshot
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Using Performit Live has been such a refreshing experience, our team was able to connect remotely all the way from the UK to Peru without any noticeable latency in the 3D Window or Audio.
Nicholas LLewellyn-Jones
Founder & Creative Director of Burger House Digital
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Working with the actor was a delight, within our hour session we captured multiple animations that needed minimal post processing for later use in our galactic trailer.
Stella Achenbach
ALANA Project

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Validated movement

Performit Live allows you to capture authentic motion across the full range of human movement (validated by Cardiff Metropolitan University).

Our 18-sensor smart system worn by our skilled performers captures motion at 1000Hz, double the capture rate of the biggest animation studios. What’s more, it’s a fraction of the usual price. A 20-minute connection with a highly skilled performer costs you just $36 dollars.

Deliver your creative vision with ease

Authentic motion capture with Performit Live

Learn more from our Co-Founder, Jon Dalzell

At Performit Live, we know how hard you, as a digital creator, work to deliver your vision.

To capture that vision, you need to be able to create authentic motion. Researching, organising and producing motion capture takes time and money, often leaving you working against the clock.

We are aware of the high attrition rate in the industry, with 90% of animators citing high stress and burnout. There is a need within the industry for more efficient and effective working processes and methods for you to take control of your motion capture requirements without the difficulties of traditional methods.

That’s where Performit Live comes in. Our platform digitally connects you seamlessly with highly skilled professional performers wearing our smart motion capture system enabling you to direct the performer through remote rehearsal, capturing the exact moves you need and downloaded to you in seconds. What’s more, it’s a fraction of the usual price. A 20-minute connection with a highly skilled performer costs you just $36.

We are removing your constraints and unlocking your creative vision so that you can deliver truly authentic motion on time and on budget.

Affordable animation, authentic motion.

Mocap & Go

20 minutes* of Performance


Designed for those who have a clear vision of their desired performance.

  • Whether it’s captivating Tik-Tok style dances, impressive short fighting movements, or engaging acting scenes, this package is tailored to showcase these single-act scenes perfectly.
  • Ideal for simple point of sale, social media, background characters and short animations
  • 5 minutes of motion content captured.

Storyboard Studio

1 Hour* of Performance


Designed for those who want to take control of the creative process and choose the perfect performer.

  • This package allows you the time to perfect your performance, ensuring that it reflects your artistic vision.
  • Ideal for higher-end commercial projects
  • 20-30 minutes of motion content captured

Performance Package

2 Hours* of Performance


Designed for more complex shoots with a clear storyboard and expectation of performance from skilled performers.

  • Ideal for major productions: film, animations, high-end TV and commercial
  • Over 60 minutes of motion content captured
* Mocap time is for guidance purposes only, we do not limit the amount that can be captured within your booking

Performit Live FAQs

To make a booking, click the “Perform Now” button on the home screen and provide a brief description of the motion you need. Your job will be posted for all performers who meet the criteria. After 24 hours, see if any performers have applied. We recommend allowing at least 72 hours between posting a job and the job start date for the best performer selection.

We review each case to determine if the request is reasonable before offering the option to refund the booking.

If you encounter any issues with your booking, don’t hesitate to get in touch with We will address the problem and provide a refund if necessary.

Currently, performances can be downloaded in the .FBX file format. Compatible with Blender, Maya, and UE 5.

No, there is no limit to the number of captures you can make with a performer. You can create as much content as you like during your connection time. We only charge based on the time spent with the performer, not the volume of content created.