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Our Mission

Empowering animators globally by providing an accessible, affordable, and innovative solution for authentic bespoke motion capture.

Performit Live Evolution

From a visionary idea to a transformative platform, Performit Live has been developed with a deep understanding of animators’ needs and industry trends.

Community Impact

Performit Live isn’t just a platform; it’s a game-changer for the animation and skilled performer communities. The link between these communities fosters creativity, efficiency, and authenticity in the art of motion capture.

Meet the Performit Live Team

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to revolutionise the world of motion capture and elevate your animation experience.

Jon Dalzell

Jon Dalzell

james banfield image

James Banfield

Peter Robins

Ferenc Visztra

Lead Software iOS Engineer
Lez Andrew

Lez Andrew

Software Engineer
Peter Robins

Peter Robins

Mathematician, C++ numeric/modelling/inference, VR

Our values

Service Excellence:

We prioritise customer service, ensuring that our clients receive the support they need to maximise the service we deliver for them.


We champion the authenticity in animation, enabling animators and digital creatives to produce authentic lifelike motion capture effortlessly.


We foster a collaborative environment, highly valuing our clients and partners feedback to continually adapt and evolve Performit Live’s presence in the market.


We believe high quality authentic motion capture should be available to all regardless of resources or budget.

“With live rehearsal, we successfully recorded all three planned dances within 45 minutes, including an additional one decided during the connection with Corinne. The solution instantly delivered high-quality captures, reminiscent of past optical mocap shoots, via the app, making it incredibly convenient to direct a mocap shoot from a meeting room setting.”

George Rowe,
Senior Producer at Aardman Animation

“Super easy to book and organise, all worked straight out the box, having real-time controls to see the motion from every angle was phenomenal and would have saved a lot of time. Crucially we didn’t have to rent a studio, any kit, or any additional hardware. So we were blown away with how much we could do for such an affordable price.”

Simon Thompson,
Founder of Trickshot

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