2. How to Accept A Performer Booking & Ways to Pay

Here’s How to Accept & Pay for a Performer on Performit Live

  1. In your jobs list you will see a performer has accepted your booking notification.
  2. To accept the booking press the STATUS OPEN TAB. 
  3. Then press the APPLICANTS button on the top right hand side of the screen.
  4. This will then display the performers who have bidded for your booking.
  5. Select the performer of your choice by pressing the SELECT button.
  6. Confirm the performer by pressing the CONFIRM button, you can also cancel the performer at this point. 
  7. This will accept the booking and display the price for the booking.
  8. If you have a coupon for a discount you can enter that in the ENTER COUPON CODE box and select the + to activate.
  9. Press the PAY button to activate payment.
  10. Enter either your card payment details or if connected to Apple pay press the Apple Icon to pay and double click on the side of your phone to pay. 
  11. Once payment is confirmed the performer you have selected will highlight with a green START button.

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