1. How to Book a Performer

Here’s How to Book a Performer on Performit Live

  1. On the app home page select NEED A PERFORMER?
  2. Give your booking a name.
  3. Enter a short performance description with links if appropriate.
  4. Select the type of performer you require.
  5. Select the booking length this can range from 20 mins to 4 hrs.
  6. Select the date that you require. 
  7. Select the gender you require. 
  8. Press the CREATE button on the top right hand side of the app.
  9. Press the CONFIRM button to accept the booking.
  10. Press Yes or No to add to your calendar.
  11. To check your booking press the Calendar icon bottom right of the app.
  12. Press the title of your job to access the booking details.
  13. You will receive a notification when a performer accepts your booking.
Image of the perfromit live app mock up

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