Comparing Motion Capture Libraries with Original Motion Capture

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In the expansive world of animation, motion capture is a game-changer. It bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds, empowering creators to bring their visions to life. Motion capture libraries and original motion capture offer different paths to this same end.

Motion capture libraries can be seen as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, providing a broad range of pre-recorded movements ready to be dropped into any project. They’re quick and convenient but often lack the uniqueness that a specific character may demand.

On the other hand, original motion capture brings the focus to customised, character-specific movements. It’s the route to authenticity and individuality, giving each character a sense of realism that engages the audience.

In this blog post, we’re breaking down these methods and comparing them head-to-head to give you a clearer picture. Plus, we’ll show how Performit Live is changing the game, making original motion capture not just possible but also affordable.

Understanding Motion Capture Libraries

Motion Capture Library

Think of a motion capture library as a digital library full of movements and actions. From simple walks and runs to more complex acrobatics and fight sequences, mocap libraries have covered everything.

Now, imagine you’re in a pinch. You need an animation of a character running, and you need it fast. That’s where mocap libraries shine. They provide immediate access to various movements, saving you time in production.

While mocap libraries offer speed and variety, they might contribute to ‘uncanny animation’. The movements you pick from a library are generic and could lack the unique nuances that make a character stand out. These pre-recorded actions have second-hand, and their repetition across multiple characters can create a sense of unnatural familiarity. So while mocap libraries are a great resource in a pinch, they might not offer the originality you need to realise your vision. 

In the next section, we’ll explore another route: original motion capture. But keep in mind, while different, neither of these options is necessarily superior – it all comes down to your project’s specific needs.

The Value of Original Motion Capture

original motion capture scene

By original motion capture, we’re talking about capturing unique movements tailor-made for your specific characters or scenes. It’s all about the authenticity and individuality that set your animations apart, but it’s not without its challenges:

  • Studio Booking and Equipment: Arranging a professional studio and sourcing high-tech equipment is costly and time-consuming.
  • Hiring Performers: Scouting and hiring skilled performers who can accurately embody your characters involves a further investment of time and money.
  • Capture and Post-Processing: Capturing the perfect movements and cleaning up the data can take many hours, even days, for a single scene.

However, for all these challenges, the payoff is clear. Original motion capture provides unmatched authenticity. Your characters gain a unique and engaging presence, far from the ‘uncanny valley’.

But what if we could get the benefits of original mocap without the price and time commitment? This is how Performit Live is reshaping the world of motion capture.

Performit Live: The Future of Accessible and Affordable Mocap

Director using performit live.

Navigating the challenges of budget and resource constraints is a constant struggle for animators seeking to craft original and authentic creations. That’s where Performit Live comes in, a solution specifically designed to address the pain points of motion capture.

Performit Live is an innovative app that is shifting the landscape of traditional motion capture. Its ground-breaking approach connects animators directly with skilled performers outfitted with advanced motion capture systems, all from the comfort of your workspace.

With Performit Live, you can:

  • Achieve Real-time Capture and Review: Monitor and direct your performance as it happens. This feature allows for immediate feedback and adjustments, ensuring your vision is realised as you imagined.
  • Experience Flexibility: The app allows you to schedule performances at your convenience, enabling you to work at your pace.
  • Save on Costs: At just $36 for 20 minutes or $165 for an hour of performance time, Performit Live significantly lowers the financial barrier to original motion capture.

The Performit Live app is not just about providing a platform for motion capture; it’s about understanding the needs of animators and offering an affordable, convenient, and efficient solution. It’s about making original motion capture accessible to all, freeing you to realise your vision without breaking the bank.

Motion Capture Libraries Vs. Original Motion Capture: A Comparative Analysis

Choosing between motion capture libraries and original motion capture involves carefully assessing multiple factors. Let’s look at a comparison based on cost, time, flexibility, creativity, and quality.


Motion capture libraries can be cost-effective, but the pricing may vary depending on the complexity and specificity of the movements you need. Original motion capture can be expensive due to studio, equipment, and performer costs. But with Performit Live, you can enjoy original motion capture at a fraction of the usual price.


While libraries provide immediate access to pre-recorded movements, searching for the perfect fit can be time-consuming. Original motion capture requires time for set-up, performance, and post-processing. However, Performit Live’s real-time capture and review speeds up this process considerably.


Libraries restrict you to existing movements. Original motion capture offers flexibility, and with Performit Live, you can remotely direct performances, providing further flexibility.


Motion capture libraries can limit creativity due to their generic nature. Original motion capture, especially with Performit Live, gives you the freedom to realise unique, creative visions.


Library movements risk falling into ‘uncanny animation’, while original motion capture assures high-quality, authentic movements.

Below is a pricing comparison table that illustrates the cost differences between various mocap solutions:

Provider NameTypePricingNotable Features/Limitations
Motion Capture LibraryLibrary$3–6 per motionExtensive library but limited uniqueness
Original Studio Motion CaptureOriginal$18,000 – 90,000High-quality capture, but high cost
Performit LiveOriginal$36 for 20 minutes or $165 for 1 hourAffordable, real-time capture, direct interaction with performers
“With live rehearsal, we successfully recorded all three planned dances within 45 minutes, including an additional one decided during the connection with Corinne. The solution instantly delivered high-quality captures, reminiscent of past optical mocap shoots, via the app, making it incredibly convenient to direct a mocap shoot from a meeting room setting.”
George Rowe,
Senior Producer at Aardman Animation

To Conclude

When it comes to the comparison between motion capture libraries and original motion capture, both offer value but come with their unique set of limitations. However, with innovative solutions like Performit Live, the landscape of motion capture is transforming.

As the world of animation evolves, it’s the perfect time for animators to embrace these advancements. After all, our ultimate goal is to create engaging, authentic and original animations that delight audiences and breathe life into our creative visions.

Image of the perfromit live app mock up

Ready to bring your unique characters to life with the magic of motion capture?

Get the Performit Live app now and start creating unforgettable animations. Let Performit Live help you tell your story. 

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