Unlocking Real-Time Connectivity: The Top Seven Benefits of Low Latency for Live Events Using Digital Characters

Ever wondered how live events stream so precisely using digital characters?

The secret is low latency.

But what is latency?

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Latency is the delay you experience from the moment you perform an action (like a live avatar performing a movement) to the moment you receive a response (like an audience seeing the movement of the avatar).

Latency plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the viewer experience and the feasibility of real-time interactivity.

High latency can lead to significant delays between the actual live event and what viewers see, disrupting viewer engagement and interaction.

Low latency is essential in performances that involve motion capture to animate digital characters in real-time.  Low latency ensures that the movements of the performers are accurately and immediately reflected in the digital characters.

The technical challenge is to minimize the delay in the transmission of data (video, audio, or interactive communication) across networks and to ensure that content is processed and delivered to the audience as close to instantaneously as possible.

This involves optimizing various factors, including encoding and decoding speeds, network infrastructure, and the efficiency of the algorithms and technologies used to manage and transmit the data. Achieving low latency in live streaming and real-time animation requires a careful balance of these elements to deliver a seamless and responsive experience to users.

For live streaming, low latency is paramount to ensure that the broadcast is as close to real-time as possible.

Here are the top seven benefits.

  1. Improved Performance Capture

Capturing professional performers’ movements, facial expressions, and hand gestures in real-time is crucial.

Low latency enables the immediate processing of this data, transforming performances into digital characters instantaneously.

  • Enhanced Interactivity

Essential for audience interaction, low latency ensures realistic interactions between performers and the audience.

The immediate response of the performers’ movements makes the interaction feel natural.

  • Enhanced Synchronization

Perfect synchronization of camera movements, actor performances, and visual effects is achieved through low latency, enhancing the production’s overall coherence and quality.

  • Real-Time Feedback

Low latency allows performers and directors to see the immediate effects of their decisions, facilitating live, creative decision-making.

  • Greater Creative Flexibility

Directors and creators can experiment with visual effects, settings, and scenarios on the spot, thanks to low latency.

This opens creative possibilities, allowing for instant enhancements without interrupting production.

  • Cost Efficiency

By reducing the need for in-house rehearsals and travel, low latency enables performers to livestream to directors from anywhere, cutting costs significantly.

  • Cost-Effective Content Production

Low latency allows for the real-time streaming of digital characters, facilitating the rapid production of live content without the need to capture, clean up & render before submitting to your social media distribution channels.

The power of live events lies in low latency. Near-zero latency enables real-time engagement between digital characters, driven by professional performers directly to an audience.

This capability will shape the future of digital interactions and live events, making them more immersive and interactive than ever before.

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