How to Use Performit Live for Professional Animation

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Looking to use Performit Live? Read on and see how easy it is to get bespoke capture data for your project.

What is Performit Live Useful For?

Performit Live is a cost-effective solution motion capture app for professional animators. How many hours have you spent trawling through MoCap libraries and manually keyframing missing animations? How much have you spent hiring studio space and talent, and buying specialist equipment?

Performit Live aims to end the stress accompanying motion capture, offering a streamlined and affordable alternative to traditional methods. With Performit Live, animators can capture and refine motion sequences in real-time, directly from performers, without the need for costly studio setups or extensive post-processing. 

Whether for game development, film production, or any other animation project, Performit Live is a convenient, cost-effective tool that simplifies the motion capture process, making professional-grade animation more accessible and efficient for animators everywhere. 

Booking a Performer

Start by opening the app and clicking “NEED A PERFORMER?” on the home page. You’ll need to give your booking a title and briefly describe the performance you’re looking for. If you have any specific requirements or references, feel free to include links in the description.

Next, specify the type of performer you’re seeking. Whether it’s a dancer or a martial artist, the app lets you choose from various options. Once you’ve selected the performer type, set the performance duration – the minimum is 20 minutes, with a maximum of 4 hours.

Selecting the date that works best for you and the gender of the performer you require is the next step. This helps tailor the search to your specific needs. After these details are inputted, simply hit the “CREATE” button on the top right-hand side of the app.

Confirm the details to finalize the booking, and choose whether to add the event to your calendar. This can be done by responding to a simple Yes or No prompt. If you want to review your booking, just tap the Calendar icon at the bottom right of the app. Here, you can access the full details of your booking.

When a performer accepts your booking, you’ll receive a notification in your jobs list. Opening it will show you a list of performers who have bid for your booking.

Select the one that best suits your needs, and upon confirming, the total price of the booking will be displayed. If you have a discount coupon, now’s the time to use it by entering the code in the designated box.

Finally, proceed to payment. You can enter your card details or use Apple Pay if connected. After payment confirmation, the selected performer will be highlighted with a green “START” button, indicating that everything is set for your event. With these simple steps, your ideal performer is just a few clicks away, ready to make your event memorable.

Connecting and Rehearsing with a Performer

Once you’ve selected and confirmed a performer for your event, you’ll see a green “START” button in the performer’s job list. Pressing this button is your gateway to the app’s exciting and innovative feature – the live avatar screen. 

Upon entering the live avatar screen, you’ll be greeted by your performer, not in person, but as a digital 3D avatar. This cutting-edge feature allows you to interact with the performer in a virtual space. You can communicate directly with them, discussing your requirements and understanding their performance style.

Rehearsal mode is a great opportunity to fine-tune the details of the performance. Feel free to discuss and experiment with different ideas and motions. The aim is to ensure you are completely satisfied with what the performer will bring to your project.

When you’re happy with the arrangement, you can ask the performer to capture the desired motion. This instruction signals the performer to finalise the preparations for their act. They’ll take care of the technical aspects, ensuring everything is set to deliver a performance that meets your expectations.

Recording a Performance

When you’re ready to see the performer in action, ask them to start a capture. This is the moment when the digital rehearsal transitions into a recorded performance. You’ll notice the screen change from rehearsal mode to record mode, which is indicated by a red highlight and shows that the live recording of the performance is underway.

You can watch your chosen performer in real-time. This feature means you can fine-tune the performance as it happens, ensuring you get the movements you want.

After the performance, the performer will stop the recording, and the screen will automatically transition back to rehearsal mode. This shift signifies the end of the live capture and the beginning of the review process.

To review the captured performance, you’ll need to press the “CAPTURE” button located at the bottom right of your screen. This action will navigate you into your activity log, where all your captures are stored. Within the activity log, tap the arrow to the right of each capture to open and view them individually.

Once you select a capture, press the icon that resembles a human body to access it. To play back the capture, use the slider button. One of the most exciting features here is the ability to gain a 360-degree perspective of the capture during playback. You can move the camera around the performance, exploring different angles and viewpoints to see if the movements fit your vision.

Finishing and Exporting

Once you’re happy with your captures and ready to exit the booking, look for the red arrow encircled by an upward loop – this is the button to exit. 

If you want to review the captures from your session, there’s an easy way to access them. In your jobs list, you’ll find the “SHOW CAPTURES” button. Clicking this will take you to a collection of all the files you’ve captured during the session. This feature is handy for a quick review and organization of your captures.

The process is just as streamlined when you’re ready to export a capture. Start by going to your jobs list and tapping “SHOW CAPTURES.” You can then open the captures by tapping the arrow on the right of each capture. Select the capture you wish to export by pressing the human body icon to access it.

The next step is to initiate the export process. Tap the upward-pointing arrow at the top right side of the app, which will bring up your export options. For those who need more control over the export settings, the “ADVANCED” option allows you to adjust settings tailored to your needs. These include the target application, FBX compatibility, and frame rate. After setting your preferences, begin the export process by pressing the upward arrow icon on the right side of the app.

Once the export is completed, the app offers a variety of options for sending the files. These options cater to different needs and preferences, including email, WhatsApp, Slack, and iMessage. This flexibility ensures that you can share or store your captures in a way that best suits your workflow or communication style.

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