4. How to Record a Performance & Check Your Motion Capture Files

Find out how to capture and direct your motion capture performance

  1. Ask the performer to start a capture.
  2. The screen will change from rehearsal to record which is highlighted in red.
  3. During the recording you can watch the performer do their performance in real time. 
  4. When the performer has finished they will stop the recording and the screen will transition back to rehearsal mode.
  5. To review the capture press the CAPTURE button on the bottom right of your screen.  This will take you into your activity log.
  6. Tap the arrow to the right to open each individual capture.
  7. Press the icon of a human body to access your capture.
  8. To play back the capture press the slider button.
  9. Whilst in playback mode you can use your fingers to move the camera in 360 degrees to gain perspective on the capture.
Image of the perfromit live app mock up

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