The Top Motion Capture Apps in 2024

motion capture apps 2023

Motion capture is a powerful tool for animators and developers. It allows them to capture human movement with a far higher degree of accuracy and realism than ‘traditional’ forms of animation.

In recent years, the market has swelled as the popularity of motion capture apps has increased. Many apps offer powerful suites of tools at affordable prices, but which are the best? We’ve listed some great options below. represents a significant step forward in motion capture technology. It leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform standard video footage into accurate 3D animation data. This technology eliminates the need for the specialised, often expensive, hardware normally required for motion capture.

This app’s AI-driven technology can process video from any camera, including smartphones, making it remarkably accessible and versatile. It can capture motion data without a controlled studio setting, such as outside or in a living room. This flexibility opens up new possibilities for capturing motion data on location or in settings where traditional motion capture setups would be impractical or too costly.

Key Features:

  • Transforms video footage into 3D animation data using AI.
  • Works with any camera, reducing the need for specialised equipment.
  • Real-time processing capabilities offer instant conversion of video to motion capture data.
  • The cloud-based platform enhances accessibility and collaboration.

Standout Factor:’s accessibility is a revolutionary step in motion capture. By eliminating the need for specialised hardware, amateur and solo animators can still create high-quality projects.

Rokoko Vision

Rokoko Vision uses standard webcams or uploaded video files to capture motion in 3D and animate characters, offering a significant shift from traditional, hardware-intensive motion capture setups. It’s also free, 

Key Features:

  • Rokoko Vision operates directly from a web browser, allowing users to record their movement with a computer’s webcam or upload pre-recorded footage. 
  • Single-camera setups are free, but users can upgrade to dual-camera setups for enhanced accuracy and depth perception.
  • The accompanying Rokoko Studio software allows users to view and clean up their performances. 
  • Users can export the captured motion data to common file formats, facilitating easy integration with popular 3D tools such as Blender, Unity, and Unreal.

Standout Feature:

Leveraging AI and widely available hardware like webcams on a free platform opens motion capture to a huge audience, such as hobbyists, independent creators and educational institutions – while still offering the depth and quality needed for professional work.


DeepMotion is an advanced AI-driven platform that aims to make motion capture easy and accessible. As such, DeepMotion’s Animate 3D software lets animators capture a video from any device, upload a custom character (or use the defaults in the app), and then customise and refine their animations – no specialised suits or pricey software required.

Key Features:

  • Animate 3D offers AI motion capture capabilities that can be applied to any video. 
  • MotionGPT leverages Generative AI that transforms text descriptions into dynamic animations, pushing the boundaries of how motion capture and animation can be conceptualised and executed.
  • AI-powered markerless motion capture technology makes it easier to capture complex human movements without needing physical markers or specialised suits.
  • Real-time 3D body tracking.
  • The platform’s solutions are available on both web and mobile.

Standout Factor:

DeepMotion’s integration of AI into motion capture and animation simplifies the animation process and makes high-quality motion capture more accessible. It’s this technology that makes DeepMotion such a compelling option for animators.

Movella AVN

The MVN Remote app allows animators to capture motion data directly from their smartphones. Available for both iOS and Android, the MVN Remote app is part of Movella’s suite of tools, including MVN Animate and MVN Analyze, which are tailored for different motion capture needs.

Key Features:

  • Controlling motion capture recordings directly from their smartphone allows users to direct more focused and efficient sessions – they can direct talent, guide patients, or instruct athletes while managing the recording process.
  • The latest release contains support for reference videos within the app, which means users can have a visual guide during motion capture sessions.
  • Users can add timestamps to their video recordings, and the app also supports finger data to capture detailed hand and finger motions.
  • MVN Remote now includes prop visualisation, allowing for more complex and interactive motion capture sessions that include external objects.
  • The app supports multi-person motion capture.

Standout Feature:

By enabling control and management of motion capture sessions via a smartphone, the app allows users to execute more dynamic and flexible motion capture projects. This adaptability makes it suitable for applications ranging from film and game production to sports science and rehabilitation.


RADiCAL leverages AI to offer efficient and accessible 3D motion capture and animation solutions. It is particularly suited for film, gaming, and live events. RADiCAL’s technology places an emphasis on software-only solutions, simplifying the motion capture process and making it more accessible to a wide range of creators and professionals.

Key Features:

  • RADiCAL uses AI to transform a single 2D video into detailed 4D skeletal joint rotations in real time. 
  • The platform operates entirely through software, eliminating the need for additional hardware investment.
  • Motion data is processed in real time, which is particularly important for projects requiring immediate feedback or live events where quick turnaround is essential.
  • RADiCAL’s system is designed for simplicity and ease of use – there’s no coding or extensive training needed.

Standout Feature:

RADiCAL’s focus on software-only solutions and real-time processing aligns well with the needs of the modern digital content creation industry, offering a practical, efficient, and innovative approach to motion capture and animation.

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