Performit Live FAQs

If you have any additional questions then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

To make a booking, click the “Perform Now” button on the home screen and provide a brief description of the motion you need. Your job will be posted for all performers who meet the criteria. After 24 hours, see if any performers have applied. We recommend allowing at least 72 hours between posting a job and the job start date for the best performer selection.

Most short captures are transferred within seconds after recording ends. We recommend doing 3 or 4 captures before starting the review process to make the most of your time with the performer.

No, Performit Live is a human-to-human system connecting you with skilled professional performers. We use sensors and a motion capture suit designed by us to capture their motion accurately and stream it directly to your device. While AI is used in parts of the process, the motion data is captured using sensors.

The quality of the live stream depends on the performer’s connection and your device. Typically, the live stream runs at 24 Hz. When the performer starts recording, the system captures at 1000 Hz, resulting in a significant improvement in the volume of motion data. This makes the recorded file smoother and more accurate than the streamed version.

To cancel a booking, simply select the job and click the delete key (trash can) icon. This will cancel the booking and notify the performer if already selected. For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the booking. A partial refund will be provided if cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, and no refund will be made if cancelled less than 1 hour in advance to ensure performers are compensated.

If you encounter any issues with your booking, please contact We will address the problem and provide a refund if necessary.

You will receive a voucher code that you can enter when making a booking. This code will remove the cost for a 20-minute session.

Yes, after downloading the app and registering, you will find sample captures already available in your library. These files can be used to test your workflow. We regularly update these samples as our capture technology improves.

No, we outsource all payment processing to Stripe, a trusted solution provider. They securely store your payment data on our behalf, and we do not have access to any of your payment information.

After downloading the app and registering, you can create a job and select from the performers who apply. Once connected, you’ll see a live avatar showing the performer’s motion. You guide the performer to capture the movements you need, and each recording is sent to your app’s library. You can review captures while still connected to ensure you get the desired performance. We recommend doing several captures to ensure you have the right one. Once you have this you simply hit the share button to export the files.

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Currently, we have skilled theatrical actors, kickboxing and martial arts experts, weapons specialists, dancers, and yoga specialists. We aim to expand our range of disciplines and industries over time. We can provide other skilled performers, not listed, if needed for 4 hour bookings, please contact us on

We partner with industry-leading head-hunters to source the best performers for our service. We prioritize quality and skill in our selection process.

Pricing is based on the length of time with the performer and the required preparation work. Short bookings of 20 minutes do not include rehearsals, while longer bookings may require the performer to practice in advance. The pricing is tailored to the specific needs of each job outlined on our home page.

Everything we do is custom. You request performances tailored to your specific needs.

Currently, performances can be downloaded in the .FBX file format. Compatible with Blender, Maya, and UE 5.

While we do not provide motion capture editing tools, the downloaded files can be edited using popular software applications such as Maya and Blender.

Initially, we recommend posting jobs at least 72 hours before the desired capture time. As we increase the number of performers, the notice period will decrease, with our long-term goal being 1-hour or less notice period.

There is a limit of 5 open bookings per account, but the number of captures or bookings is unlimited.

Please refer to our privacy policy available on our website for detailed information on how we handle privacy and data security.

Yes, our primary goal is to facilitate creative collaboration between users and skilled performers to create unique and tailored performances.

Yes, we have specific schemes in place. Please contact for more information.

We review each dispute case to understand what happened. If you are unsatisfied with a performance, please refrain from downloading the files and contact us immediately. Performit Live is a platform connecting you with performers, and we investigate disputes before offering any refunds.

This feature will be implemented soon, allowing users to rate and review performers to assist others in making informed decisions.

Any iOS device from iPhone 7 onwards can support Performit Live. Android and desktop solutions will be supported in future updates.

All performers speak English, and as long as you can communicate effectively in English, there are no barriers. Currently our performers are all based in Europe, but are more than willing to work early morning or late evening for jobs in different time zones. We plan to implement additional languages in future platform updates.

This feature is not currently available, but it will be offered in phase 2 of our roadmap.

Please visit our YouTube channel for all available resource content.

Payment is taken upon confirming the job with the performer. However, if there is a dispute during the capture, we recommend refraining from downloading the performance and contacting us at info@performitlive.

We review each case to determine if the request is reasonable before offering the option to refund the booking.

We are engaged in multiple partnerships. If you have specific feature requests or integration suggestions, please contact

We continuously add new performers. At launch, we anticipate over 35 artists being available, with our long-term goal being thousands of performers. Users can suggest or request specific performers by reaching out to us at

All captures are saved, and you can mark your favourites in the app for easy access later.

If you have a skill and would like to inquire, please contact us at

Yes, if you have any issues or questions, please email

We have generous commercial terms outlined in our Terms and Conditions, allowing performances to be used royalty-free. The only exception is the use of performances for motion capture libraries.

We will continuously add new features to the app. Updates to the capture technology will not typically require you to update the app.

We are currently working on a new feature that will allow multiple team members to connect to a capture session and have access to the files afterward.

We use the Stripe payment platform, which accepts over 135 different currencies and all major credit and debit cards. Apple Pay and PayPal are also accepted.