We help animators to deliver truly authentic motion on time and on budget.

Mocap & Go

20 minutes* of Performance


Designed for those who have a clear vision of their desired performance.

  • Whether it’s captivating Tik-Tok style dances, impressive short fighting movements, or engaging acting scenes, this package is tailored to showcase these single-act scenes perfectly.
  • Ideal for simple point of sale, social media, background characters and short animations
  • 5 minutes of motion content captured.

Storyboard Studio

1 Hour* of Performance


Designed for those who want to take control of the creative process and choose the perfect performer.

  • This package allows you the time to perfect your performance, ensuring that it reflects your artistic vision.
  • Ideal for higher-end commercial projects
  • 20-30 minutes of motion content captured

Performance Package

2 Hours* of Performance


Designed for more complex shoots with a clear storyboard and expectation of performance from skilled performers.

  • Ideal for major productions: film, animations, high-end TV and commercial
  • Over 60 minutes of motion content captured
* Mocap time is for guidance purposes only, we do not limit the amount that can be captured within your booking

Unlock Bespoke Motion Capture

Performit Live app image

1. Download

Download Performit Live from the Apple App Store.

Image of the perfromit live app mock up

2. Book

Book the perfect performer at a time that works for you.

Director using performit live.

3. Capture

Direct, capture and download your live performance.